Flyman Partners draws on the expertise and experience of writer and editor Hazel Flynn and web designer, developer and content producer Ricky Onsman. They usually each work separately on projects that utilise their particular skills, but occasionally they get to work together to create unique websites for select clients. Here’s what they can do for you.

Hazel is an internationally published author, feature writer and freelance editor, providing a variety of editorial services in print and online. Read more about what Hazel does.

Ricky is a freelance full stack web professional with more than 20 years’ experience in site content, design and front end development. Read more about what Ricky does.

"I recently commissioned Hazel Flynn to co-write a memoir. The result is a terrific book that really captures the flavour and tone of the co-author. I heartily recommend Hazel as a writer and editor."
“What a relief to find someone who does not talk technobabble at you but actually listens to what you want and need and how much you can afford and customises a website to your specifications."
"I wouuldn't hesitate to recommend Hazel. Her standard of work is outstanding and her attention to detail and quality of communication throughout a long and complex job was without fault."
"Ricky Onsman developed a very customer-friendly web site for us. And it works. Our customers buy off our site and they can easily follow quite technical information. We would recommend him to any business looking for similar outcomes.”
"Hazel Flynn was a source of constant encouragement and worked far beyond the call of duty to help me finish the book on time. I am grateful not only for her many helpful suggestions, but also for her friendship throughout."
"Ricky’s great skill as a website designer, creator and maintainer is his capacity to listen. A website is part of your identity. He is able to listen and help you develop the kind of ‘face to the world’ you want to put into cyberspace. "
"Hazel Flynn is an extraordinary professional. She exhibits sound judgement, integrity, creativity and a steely certainty about what makes a story worthwhile. Hazel is the standard to which anyone who works with words aspires."
"As the amount of material we want to offer on our website increases, Ricky works collaboratively with us to develop cost-effective solutions to our requirements, all of which can be achieved by expanding the structure he designed.”
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